Features of the idol / treasure video distribution site "ICHIGOCANDY"

1. Choose a plan.

The limit for all plans is 6 per day.


2. Enter your information on the credit card payment page.

3. Log in to the login page.

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4. Unsubscription

"ICHIGOCANDY" uses an automatic renewal billing system, so unless you take the withdrawal procedure, your membership plan will be automatically renewed. If you wish to withdraw from the membership, please complete the withdrawal procedure from the "Withdrawal Form" or "My Page" in the member area. If the withdrawal procedure is completed normally, you will receive a confirmation email of the withdrawal completion to your email address.
Even if you withdraw from the membership, you can continue to use "ICHIGOCANDY" until the membership period expires. Also, even after withdrawing from "ICHIGOCANDY", the video does not have DRM or block function, so you can enjoy it with confidence.
Unsubscription page

The daily limit for all plans is 6 movies.