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Koiito Rhapsody

It's embarrassing ... but I want more ... Deliver to you a love rhapsody dedicated to girls! Introducing the popular and new erotic series "Koiito Rhapsody"! Innocent and neat beautiful girls will push you to the limit! Don't miss the chest pockets, swimsuits that are squeaky, and the lucky exposure that you can't imagine from the innocent appearance that seems to be young! In addition, they have a loli-like atmosphere! At first glance, it looks like a young body, but in fact it has a moderately grown bust, a tightly constricted body line, a rounded hip line, and the moment when such a body gradually becomes exposed is unbearable! !! There is no doubt that it will make you feel like you want more, want more! In addition, candy licking scenes etc. are also recorded firmly! A camera set a little above! I will lick a stick-shaped twisted candy while looking up a little toward such a camera! It unfolds without BGM! Their very obscene licking sound echoes in our ears! It looks like it's going to go wrong! Also, how to use the tongue and lips is a masterpiece! You will be fascinated by it! "Koiito Rhapsody", which is sure to be lost if you don't see it, is open to the public! There is no doubt that you will be overwhelmed by the images that keep you excited from the beginning to the end of all the works! !! Please take a look at this opportunity! !!

Koiito Rhapsody

Koiito Rhapsody Nitta Houka


Koiito Rhapsody Goto Moe


Koiito Rhapsody Hikari Eto


Koiito Rhapsody Kiyono Mirin


Koiito Rhapsody Kitano Yuai


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