Dye in your color

Dye in your colorDye in your colorDye in your colorDye in your colorDye in your colorDye in your colorDye in your colorDye in your colorDye in your colorDye in your color

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Birthday1992/ 01/ 17/
height175 cm
measurements92cm 60cm 88cm
Blood typeO 型
Idol's movies : 2
Movie infos
TitleDye in your color

Tall and slender legs and 92cm bust make her very popular as Real Fujiko Mine. !! Introducing the image of Yuka Someya, who has been making hits in a row, "Dye in your color". This work begins with the situation of a good relationship between the cabin attendant and the captain. First of all, it appears in a super mini cabin attendant style costume! The legs wrapped in fishnet tights are so sexy! Also, Yuka-chan, who is frolicking in a pink bikini and an orange high-leg swimsuit, is thrilled that her boobs are about to spill! And you can get a massage with a tank top with a wide open chest, change your clothes from a sweater to a white bikini in the car, and you will be intrigued by Yuka-chan's private appearance as if you were on a date. However, the attention is the bathing scene that I challenged with a beige eyepatch bikini. Not only is the big breasts so big that you can almost see the pot, but the condition of the crotch that is up is also a masterpiece. When you straddle the edge of the bathtub, you can clearly see the shape of the streaks and the condition of the puni puni, and you are very excited! !! Other than that, you can lick ice cream sticks looking at the camera, or you can be restrained in a stimulating bondage-style costume. Yuka-chan showed us various facial expressions. You may be dyed in Yuka-chan's color because of the stimulus and charm! ??

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