Idol's infos

Birthday1997年 10月 01日
height150 cm
measurements82cm 56cm 86cm
Blood type

Introducing the debut work "Rurichu" by Rika Mukaishima, a beautiful girl idol who shows a bold pose with a young innocent smile and a small body! The immature awkwardness of a girl who seems to break when touched stimulates a sense of immorality! First of all, the scene is a white leotard and the nipple is transparent! If you look at it up, the nipples are also standing! Forcibly bite the costume into the crotch and fascinate the beautiful shaved man streak! It is a must-see because the areola cannot be hidden even with a handbra with the costume off! The next scene is everyone's favorite uniform! Sit in bed I wondered if Lurika would play the recorder, but while licking the tip of the recorder, I got your heart with a somewhat nasty look! I lie down on the bed and take off my clothes little by little, and I put on my underwear to show off my pie bread and pose as a hanketsu! At the end, take off your underwear and hide your crotch with a recorder ♪ Also, try a balance ball in gym clothes! The nipples are standing up from the beginning and stand out from the costume! Tickled with a stick with a hand and reacts cutely Licca-chan is unbearable! The gesture of pushing the balance ball like crushing it in a crawl pose is very erotic! In addition, there are scenes of masturbation with the ass sticking out in a pose on all fours in a bathing scene in a bikini, feeling blamed on the nipple with lotion massage, and licking stick candy unpleasantly! There is no doubt that you will be completely addicted to Licca-chan with an innocent face that appeals with big and crisp eyes, "Is this okay?" !! Please be healed by all means ☆


Ai Ryu's Extracurricular Class Vol.36 94min

My sun Vol.5 71min

Shimakore-Shimashima Collection-Natsuka Aida 72min

Two people. Director's cut version 81min

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